“The only way to do GREAT work is to LOVE what you do”

Steve Jobs

Hello, I´m Mafer! I have always had a great passion for the performing arts. As a child I was involved in any activity that could put me on a stage, although what I achieved in my childhood was far from being "impressive", the challenge of getting on stage yes it was, considering my introverted and timid personality in those years. It was in high school when I did theatre with my “partners in crime” --my lifelong friends-- that I understood the passion that grew inside me for the performing arts as a means of expression. 

From then until now, I have not stopped educating myself as an actress, scriptwriter, director and producer in theater and films. On this journey to conquer my dream, passion and respect for the performing arts and cinematography have continued to grow motivating me to seek excellence in everything I do. This has been possible thanks to the experiences acquired through my teachers, performers on the stage, directors, producers, and of course, from who receives all this learning: the audience. Love for what I do, moves my world and I want to share it with you: You are welcome!



MAFER ROUSSELL was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico. Since 2014, she was granted asylum in this country, now she is a permanent resident of the United States and she lives in Chicago City.

Mafer holds a Bachelor Degree in Theater by La Universidad Veracruzana where she was awarded with the Medal of Merit Academic "Dr. Rafael Lucio". Later she went to La Escuela Veracruzana de Cine Luis Buñuel  and she graduated in Film Direction; as well as in Escuela Arte 7 in Screenwriter. 

She has participated in the workshops “Meisner Technique”  with Sebastian Ligarde. “Acting without prejudice from the subconscious” with Sebastian Ferrat. “Film Screenplay” with Edui Tijerina Chapa. 

Her latest works in theater include “La cantante calva” by Eugene Ionesco, with the role “Ms. Smith”. “The Maids” (Las Criadas) by Jean Genet with the role “The Madame” (La Señora), by Jose Burgos’ direction 2018-2019.  In “The wedding” (La Boda) she has the role “Luz Maria Bello” (Nominated as Best Supporting Actress HIGH AWARDS 2018) under the Family Bridges Production and directed by Frederick Ford and Elsa Beckley Monroig in their 2017 and 2018 seasons.  In "Mariposas Enjauladas" by Edui Tijerina Chapa, she has the role “Erika” (Nominated for Best Leading Actress HIGH AWARDS 2018) under the production of The Mood Entertainment and the direction of Sebastian Ligarde. Mafer also participates in the play "The Monologues of the Vagina" seasons 2016 and 2018 of Grinligth productions.

Writes and directs the short film "Dreamer" 2018, made by IP Productions and ALDER Productions, which is participating in different film festivals, being officially selected so far from 15 international festivals and winner of the "Eurasia International Film Festival". 

Mafer created and directed the musical video "Dreamer" 2018. Currently this music video is participating en several international film festivals.  

Currently, Mafer is filming the movie "Bajo sus uñas" by GoSkye Productions. Mafer filmed "Imago" 2017 under the direction of Peter Mastne. She participated in the films "Todo o Nada" 2016 and "El Que no corr Vuela" 2017 productions of Grinligth Productions and Alpha Studios respectively. 

In TV, Mafer is part of the cast of "SubLife" TV Show under the direction of Nick Andrews.

On Radio, Mafer is radio host of "Ladies Night" radio show, under the production of ARANAVA Entertainment. She writes for the magazine "Latino Entertainment" and she was part of the radio team "From 1 to 3 with Javier Salas" by La Nueva 1450 AM. 2017